Saturday, October 12, 2013

Photo Odds and Ends and Undocumented Games

Not much narrative this time, just some interesting photos I've found in various trade magazines:
May, 1978
Jews For Jesus was sued by Bally/Midway for infringement over this Pac-Man-themed religious tract.

From the 1978 JAA show. I like the Nintendo Shooting Trainer in the bottom row.
Courtesy Cash Box magazine.
A few scenes from "The Video Game" gameshow (short-lived follow-up to StarCade)
Some rare shots of a P.J. Pizzazz (Sega's answer to Pizza Time Theatre)
A few unlisted (or rarely listed) games:
UEP's Beam Shock

Here's another Kamikaze (I'm not sure who made this one - love that 'fro, though)

From Play Meter, January, 1976
Rare cabinet shot of Rock-Ola's Rocket Racer

Elcon's Diversions cabinet (1981)

From the 1975 MOA - Meadows Star Shooter video pinball game in a pinball cabinet. Never made it into production.

Another rare cabinet photo - Alstate's Battle Back

A couple of non-video games I found interesting:

From Play Meter, 6/15/80

From 1984


From April, 1976 - I don't think PSE ever released this one.

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  1. In case anyone was interested in seeing this "Video Game Show"...