Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Bronze Age Video Game Popularity Charts

Several months back, I posted what may have been the first coin-op video game popularity chart, from the March, 1976 issue of RePlay. Today, I thought I'd post some other charts from the 1970s

First, for those who missed the earlier post, here's the March, 1976 chart:

The next chart I have was published in RePlay's October , 1976 issue as part of its annual operators' poll.

Here's the chart from the November, 1977 issue of RePlay

Play Meter published its first chart in November, 1977 (also as part of its operators' poll):

The 1978 charts from RePlay and Play Meter

Finally, the 1979 charts. Note that by this time, Play Meter had started publishing its monthly charts (the first was in June 1979). RePlay would publish its first monthly chart in April, 1980.

If there is interest in these, I could post some from the 1980s (the 1980s charts had a lot more data. Some of the Play Meter  charts, for instance, included average weekly earnings per machine).

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  1. Always interesting to see these charts. I love to see there was a mention of Fire Chief, which is a gallery shooting game that actually used water. Needless to say it's a grail of mine. Also guessing they didn't hold up too well over time.

    Random tangent aside, data like average weekly earnings would definitely be cool to see. The only number that sticks in my head is Donkey Kong was making about $100 a week on average. I never saw much for long term numbers though, just the short term test numbers like for Gauntlet.